CSS General Science and Ability Complete Notes

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  • Deepen your understanding: Explore vital topics in detail, gaining a thorough grasp of essential scientific and logical concepts.
  • Solidify your foundation: Reinforce fundamental knowledge, ensuring a strong base for tackling complex exam questions.
  • Sharpen your skills: Practice applying your knowledge through exercises and insightful analysis, refining your abilities and boosting your confidence.

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These comprehensive CSS General Science & Ability notes are available in both PDF format and can be accessed online for convenient study. They have been reviewed by a highly respected Pakistani academic institution to ensure accuracy and relevance to the CSS exam.

Contents Covered in the attached PDF

  • Basic concept of universe
    • Astronomical units
  • Theories about creation of universe
    • Big Bang Theory
    • Age of the universe and methods to determine it
    • Composition of the universe
      • Dark matter
      • Dark energy
    • Formation of black holes
    • Life cycle of a star
    • Dark hole
  • Galaxy
  • Solar system
    • Parts of the sun
    • Atmosphere of the sun
  • Past paper questions
  • Process of nature
    • Solar and lunar eclipse
    • 7 stages of total lunar eclipse
    • Rotation and revolution
    • Formation of seasons
  • Natural hazards and disasters
    • Tropical cyclone
    • Middle latitude cyclone
    • Tornado
  • Energy resources
  • Atomic structure and EMR (Electromagnetic Radiation)
  • Modern materials
  • The basis of life
    • Human physiology
    • Plant and animal kingdom
    • Environment
    • Lithosphere
    • Hydrosphere
    • Atmospheric pollution
    • Atmospheric pollution part 2
    • Water pollution
    • Land pollution
    • Role of Remote Sensing and GIS in Environmental Science
  • Food Sciences
  • Computer hardware and software fundamentals
  • Telecommunication
  • Important past papers
  • Mathematics portion
  • Mathematics important questions
  • Analytical portion
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