Global Information MCQs

  1. “Asia Minor” Turkey
  2. “Axis of evil” Iraq, North Korea and Iran (Declared by Bush)
  3. “Boot of Europe” Italy
  4. “Britain of South” New Zealand
  5. “Buffer State of Asia” Afghanistan
  6. “City of Angels” Bangkok (Thailand)
  7. “City of Arabian nights” * Baghdad
  8. “City of Bazaars” Cairo (Egypt)
  9. “City of Brotherly Love” Philadelphia
  10. “City of Canals” Venice
  11. “City of Conferences” Geneva
  12. “City of Cosmonauts” Moscow
  13. “City of diamonds” Ratna Pur
  14. “City of Domes” Istanbul (Constantinople)
  15. “City of Dreaming Spires” Oxford
  16. “City of eternal spring” Quito (Ecuador)
  17. “City of Gandolas” Venice (Italy)
  18. “City of Gardens” Harare (whole year only spring is there)
  19. “City of Ghosts and Temples” Veransi (Benares)
  20. “City of Golden Gate” San Francisco
  21. “City of Golden Temple” Amritsar
  22. “City of Hotels” Beirut
  23. “City of lights” Paris
  24. “City of mosques” Dhaka
  25. “City of old buildings” Ankara
  26. “City of Palaces” Calcutta
  27. “City of parks” Kiev (Ukraine)
  28. “City of Peace” Baghdad
  29. “City of Pool Nectar” Amritsar
  30. “City of Popes” Rome
  31. “City of Priests” Rome
  32. “City of Rams” Guangzhou (China)
  33. “City of roses and nightingales” Shiraz (Iran)
  34. “City of seven hills” Rome
  35. “City of silent thoroughfares” Venice
  36. “City of Sky Scrapers” New York
  37. “City of smile” Bangkok
  38. “City of Songs” Vienna (Austria)
  39. “City of Space Flights” Cape Kennedy (Florida)
  40. “City of roses and nightingales” Shiraz