CSS Governance and Good Governance

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Summmary of this Notes

Good governance has been the subject of theoretical and
pragmatic discourses during the last three decades. Recently the
indeterminate terms "Governance" and Good governance are
being gradually used, in the literature of political science,
administrative sciences and development studies. It is being
increasingly recognized that Good governance is legitimate,
accountable and effective ways of obtaining and using public
power and resources in the pursuit of widely-accepted social
goals. Based on existing literature the study identified that good
governance relates to political and institutional processes and
outcomes that are deemed necessary to achieve the goals of
Sustainable development. The purpose of this conceptual study is
to explain, as simply as possible, the meaning of good
governance and governance. By which criteria can it be
measured? How is governance related to political participation
and democracy? It then explores the relationship between the
good governance, and sustainable development.
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