CSS Montesquieu Machiavelli 1689 – 1755 Notes

In this section, we’ve curated essential CSS Montesquieu Machiavelli 1689 – 1755 Notes. A conceptual Perspective to enrich your CSS Exam preparation. These notes cover vital topics to deepen your comprehension.

Contents Covered in attached PDF

  • Montesquieu (1689-1755)
    • Montesquieu on Kinds of Law
    • Classification of Government
    • Montesquieu Concept of Liberty
    • Separation of Powers to Ensure Individual Liberty
  • Nicolo Machiavelli (1469-1527)
    • Influence of Physical Phenomena on National Life
    • Machiavelli’s Philosophy (His Theory of Preservation of State)
    • Tips to the Ruler
    • Characteristics of Machiavelli’s Philosophy
    • The “Prince” for the Critical Time but the “Discourses” Favors Republic
    • The Prince is a Book on the Art of Government, Not the Theory of State
    • Important Pieces of Advice to the Prince (Ruler)
    • Machiavelli: First Modern Thinker
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