CSS Western Political Philosophy Notes

In this section, we’ve curated essential CSS Western Political Philosophy Notes. A conceptual Perspective to enrich your CSS Exam preparation. These notes cover vital topics to deepen your comprehension.

Contents Covered in attached PDF

  • Plato’s Political Philosophy as a Response to the of Greek City-State
  • Theory of Ideal State
  • Criticism of Theory of State
  • Theory of Education
  • Rule of Philosophy
  • Concept of Philosopher-King
  • Plato’s Concept of Justice
  • Criticism of Concept of Justice
  • How Plato is the Father of Totalitarian Ideology?
  • Plato’s “Republic” and “Laws”
  • Aristotle’s Criticism of Plato
  • System of Education Compared and Contrasted: Aim of Education
  • Aristotle and Plato on Justice
  • Aristotle’s Concept of State
  • Criticism
  • Polity (Govt. by Middle-Class) as the Best Government
  • Aristotle on Revolution/Political Change
  • Characteristics of Best Constitution
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