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Welcome to Articles Space, your ultimate resource for a comprehensive collection of Economics MCQs. Dive into a broad spectrum of topics within the realm of Economics, covering fundamental concepts, economic theories, market structures, macroeconomics, microeconomics, and more. Our carefully curated questions hold immense value, serving as essential preparation material for various examinations.

Whether you’re preparing for tests conducted by FPSC, NTS, KPPSC, PPSC, SPSC, BPSC, OTS, UTS, PTS, CTS, ATS, STS, ETEA, or any other esteemed testing agency in Pakistan, our Economics MCQs are tailored to enhance your understanding and ensure success in the field of Economics.

1. Economic System Types
A. Socialism
B. Capitalism
C. Mixed Economy
D. Communism

2. GDP Calculation
A. Gross Domestic Profit
B. Gross Domestic Product
C. General Development Process
D. Grand Domestic Production

3. Inflation Measurement
A. Economic Contraction Index
B. Consumer Price Index (CPI)
C. Inflationary Pressure Rate
D. Economic Expansion Indicator

4. Monetary Policy Tools
A. Fiscal Instruments
B. Interest Rates
C. Foreign Exchange
D. Stock Market Indices

5. Law of Supply and Demand
A. Law of Equilibrium
B. Law of Statics
C. Law of Supply and Demand
D. Law of Economic Equivalence

6. Opportunity Cost Concept
A. Marginal Cost
B. Average Cost
C. Value of the Next Best Alternative
D. Sunk Cost

7. Trade Surplus and Deficit
A. Excess Imports
B. Export Imbalance
C. Trade Surplus
D. Fiscal Deficit

8. Perfect Competition Characteristics
A. Few Sellers, Differentiated Products
B. Barriers to Entry
C. Many Sellers, Homogeneous Products
D. Monopoly Control

9. Fiscal Policy Tools
A. Open Market Operations
B. Government Spending and Taxation
C. Money Supply Regulation
D. Exchange Rate Adjustments

10. Elasticity of Demand
A. Unitary Elasticity
B. Price Elasticity
C. Inelasticity Index
D. Cross Elasticity

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