GAT Arithmetic

GAT General Arithmetic Section

The Arithmetic section of the GAT General Quantitative section delves into a comprehensive exploration of numbers and their properties, including integers, fractions, and decimals. It also encompasses the realm of exponents, covering basic arithmetic operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

In addition to these fundamental concepts, this section ventures into the world of averages, ratios, and proportions, offering an in-depth study of topics such as inheritance, percentages, and their practical applications. Business mathematics, financial arithmetic, consumer mathematics, as well as topics like zakat, ushr, and basic statistics, including probability, permutations, and combinations, are all integral parts of this extensive quantitative domain.

A solid understanding of these mathematical principles is crucial for success in the Quantitative section, as they provide the foundation for tackling a wide array of numerical challenges. Mastery of arithmetic, coupled with problem-solving skills, will equip you to excel in this section of the GAT General test.

In conclusion, the PDF consists of the Arithmetic section, covering each and every aspect of arithmetic presented in this section. It serves as a valuable resource to prepare for the arithmetic challenges in the GAT General test.

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