GAT stands for Graduate Assessment Test. If you want to get into a graduate degree program at certain universities, you need to take the NTS GAT test. This test is a requirement for admission to these universities. On this page, you can find all the details about the GAT general syllabus and GAT subject syllabus. Knowing the GAT syllabus will be useful for students who plan to take the test.

GAT™-D Curriculum

NOTE*: This category is specially designed for students coming from Madrassa background (Shadat-Ul-Aalmiya) or equivalent having equivalence from Higher Education Commission (HEC) and desired to seek admission in M. Phil/MS/LLM disciplines.

Category Test Type Applicable to Verbal Quantitative Analytical Total
GAT™-A GAT™ A Business and Engineering Students 35% 35% 30% 100%
GAT™-B GAT™ B Art, Humanities, and Social Sciences Students 50% 30% 20% 100%
GAT™-C GAT™ C Agricultural, Veterinary, Biological & Related Sciences Students 45% 35% 20% 100%
GAT™-D GAT™ D Religious Studies Students 50% 30% 20% 100%

View and Download the Full Syllabus

Below, you can view and download the PDF for the complete syllabus:

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