GK Most Important NTS MCQs 2

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  1. Karakum desert is in Turkmenistan.
  2. Kavir Dasht Davir desert is in Iran.
  3. Nafud desert is in Saudi Arabia.
  4. Rub-el-Khali desert is in South Arabian peninsula.
  5. Sonoran desert is in Arizona to Mexico.
  6. Deserts in Asia are: Gobi, Karakum, Rub-al-Khali, Takla makan.
  7. Takla Makan desert is in Xinjing (China).
  8. Deserts in Africa are: Kalhari, Namib, and Sahara.
  9. St. Helena is in Atlantic Ocean.
  10. Largest island in Indian Ocean is Madagascar. • Sumatra is an island in Indonesia.
  11. The largest island in the world Greenland is located in North America. (chk)
  12. Greenland is geographically in America but politically in Europe.
  13. Kalaalit Nunaat (Greenland) Island (Denmark), the largest island is in North Atlantic
  14. New Guinea is world‘s second largest island.
  15. Virgin Island is a group of 100 Island in W.Indies.
  16. Canary Island is in Spain.
  17. The largest Island in the Mediterranean Sea is Sicily.
  18. Malaqasv (Madagascar) is in Indian Ocean.
  19. Baffin is in North Atlantic Ocean (Canadian).
  20. Sumatra is in Northest Indian Ocean (Indonesia).
  21. Neaw Zealand is in South Pacific Ocean.
  22. Borneo Island is in Pacific Ocean.
  23. Honshu Island is in North West Pacific.
  24. Great Britain Island is in North Atlantic.
  25. Victoria Island is in Arctic Ocean.
  26. Baffin Island is in Atlantic Ocean.
  27. Ellesmere Island is in Arctic Ocean.
  28. Galapagos Islands are in Pacific Ocean.
  29. Indonesia consists of 1300 islands.
  30. World‘s largest Delta is Sunderlands (India).
  31. Paracel Islands are of…. china vs Vietnam
  32. Which country owns the Hen and Chicken islands: North island New Zealand
  33. Indian city Mumbai consists of seven islands.
  34. The famous Island located at the mouth of the Hudson river is Manhattan • Sugar Island is the located at the confluence of Ganga and the Bay of Bengal.
  35. Cathy Pacific is an island.
  36. Aero float is the airline of Russia.
  37. Al-Italia is the Italian international airlines.
  38. Royal Nepal‘s Airline is the name of Nepal‘s airline.
  39. Transworld Airway (TWA) belongs to USA.
  40. Scandinavian airlines operate in the countries Norway, Sweden, and Denmark.