GK Most Important NTS MCQs

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  1. Jatiya Sangsad is the Parliament of Bangladesh; Sejm is the Parliament of Belarus; Loya
  2. Jirga is the Parliament of Afghanistan; Folketing is the Parliament of Denmark; Knesset is the Parliament of Israel; Diet is the Parliament of Japan; ―Duma is the parliament of Russia; Storting is the Parliament of Norway; Cortes is the Parliament of Spain; Rksdag is the Parliament of Sweden; Bundesrat is the Parliament of Germany; Advisory Council is the
  3. Parliament of Qatar; Chamber of Deputies is the Parliament of Luxembourg and People‘s Great Hural is the parliament of Mangolia.
  4. The International Criminal Police Organization‘s known as Interpol was established in 1923 and Current Interpol‘s headquarter is situated in Lyon (France).
  5. Scotland Yard is the investigation police of England and it was formed on Sept. 29, 1829.
  6. Gestapo was the secret police organization and BND is the secret agency of Germany.
  7. Mossad and Aman is the secret agencies of Israel.
  8. Khad and NDS are the secret agencies of Afganistan.
  9. RAW and CBI are the secret agencies of India.
  10. KGB is the secret agency of Russia.
  11. BIN is the secret agency of Indonesia.
  12. VEVAK and SAVAK are the secret agencies of Iran.
  13. ISI,IB,MI and FIA are the secret agencies of Pakistan.
  14. CIA and FBI are the secret agencies of USA.
  15. MI6 , MI5 are the secret agencies of UK.
  16. GSD — Iraq, KDS — Bulgaria, DRM — France,
  17. DND — Canad, G2 — Ireland are the secret agencies
  18. ―History of God” was written by Karen Armstrong.
  19. The Peking news was the first newspaper of the world (china).
  20. ―Queen‘s House is the official residency of Sirilankan President and ―Temple tree is the official residency of Srilankan Prime Minister.