Green Photography Competition Launched By HEC With 1st Prize Of Rs. 200,000

The Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC) has launched a “Green Photography Competition” to promote environmental awareness and protection. This competition is open to all professional and amateur photographers and the first prize winner will receive an award of Rs. 200,000. Entries must be submitted to HEC by the end of June and the winners will be announced in July. Show your creative side and participate in this competition to make a difference!

The Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan has recently launched a green photography competition. This is an opportunity to show off your skills and win a grand prize of Rs. 200,000. The competition is open to all photographers, regardless of their experience level or background. All you need to do is submit an original photo that captures a green theme and you could be the lucky winner. The competition is open to both professional and amateur photographers, and is a great way to promote environmental awareness. So why not take part in this unique competition and show off your skills? There’s nothing to lose and a lot to gain, so don’t miss this chance to win big!



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