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1. Who was viceroy when Queen’s Victoria was crowned with Kaisar e Hind in Delhi Darbar?
(A) Lord Mayo
(B) Lord Lytton
(C) Lord Canning
(D) None of the above

2. Who introduced land reforms system in Subcontinent?
(A) Babar
(B) Sher Shah Suri
(C) Akbar
(D) Shah Jahan

3. Which sultan of Delhi has been described as the “mixture of opposites”?
(A) Muhammad Bin Tughlaq
(B) Bahlol Lodhi
(C) Balban
(D) None of the above

4. Which country opposed Pakistan’s membership of UN?
(A) Russia
(B) India
(C) Afghanistan
(D) America

5. Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan Did His Ph.D. From Leaven University Of——?
A. Germany
B. Holland
C. Belgium
D. Austria

6. Which Of The Following Lake Is Called Paradise Of Birds?
A. Hina Lake
B. Keenjhar Lake
C. Manchar Lake
D. Haleji Lake

7. First Marriage Of Quaid-E-Azam Took Place In Which Year?
A. 1892
B. 1893
C. 1893
D. None Of These

8. Islamabad Is A —-?
A. Division
B. District
C. Territory
D. Both A & B

9. Indian National Congress Was Formed On —– By British Civil Servant Allan Octavian Hume.
A. Dec. 25, 1885
B. Dec. 28, 1885
C. Dec. 30, 1885
C. Dec. 31, 1885

10. Muslim League Was Founded On —– By Nawab Salim Ullah Khan In Dhaka, Bangladesh.
A. Dec. 30, 1906
B. Sept. 11, 1906
C. Dec. 25, 1906
D. Sept. 28, 1906

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