WHO report on Ukraine health emergency sparks US, Russia row

WHO reports on Ukraine health emergency spark US, Russia row. It seems like we should report on any problems around the world quickly. But, as with this Ukrainian situation, there is some controversy over reporting facts about a dangerous emergency. For example:

“It can be reported that 1 million Ukrainians have been infected by an unidentified pathogen, which has now spread to almost all regions of the country. The World Health Organization has said the virus had likely originated outside Ukraine and the number could rise further in areas where it has not yet reached. There are no signs the outbreak is waning.” — Peter Daszak, USA Today and CNN (March 26)

In other words, the first thing you should do when an issue hits is just say ‘I’m sorry’ and then ask who’s responsible for an international crime. If you can blame anybody, do. However, if what is actually happening doesn’t involve someone to do something bad, then you need to tell someone and get that person involved in a debate about what really happened instead of letting people think it’s somebody else’s fault and blaming everyone for their actions. That way everybody wins, including Putin. And by doing so, you end up with your opinion being taken seriously.

The only truth isn’t even a part of your agenda if you aren’t taking action. As stated here, you might not agree with something, but there are others who feel the same way. Let them. Not everyone should take action against something unless they believe it’s worth acting on, and you can always talk to someone in authority who may or may not agree with what you’re saying. All you have to do is be willing to listen and follow through what they say. This brings us back to why both sides of the war keep repeating themselves. In order to win you have both to be right.

On the one hand, President Putin, and his allies, need to know that he still has the support of the United States and its allies in the West. They need to understand that the NATO alliance will respond to any attempt to push Russia farther away from Europe. So if they want to continue to use chemical weapons on civilians in the Western Balkans and neighboring states, he needs to stop immediately, give him the benefit of the doubt, and accept responsibility for this war. He can’t just put the blame on the UN Security Council for asking to ban these chemicals. These kinds of sanctions work because they force countries to change their policies and practices in ways that hurt innocent civilians. We can’t let that happen here. You shouldn’t allow yourself to be dragged into the conflict solely because someone was willing to do something wrong.

On the other hand, President Trump and the Republicans need to know these sorts of things happen all the time in America, that our friends and adversaries do everything possible to find out exactly what it is that Americans are worried about. Again, we shouldn’t accept that they were simply trying to save face. Why would they? Because they already know what’s going on and don’t feel any pressure to get their act together. By continuing to try to play politics, they have given Putin more ammunition that he will use when he launches his next attack. What they’ve done is basically, well, Russia, if you want to call it that. Their aim is to make Ukraine look good. They want to make the entire world look bad. After all, they’ve lost plenty of soldiers, tanks, air cover, and ships and supplies. To them, the idea that we’re gonna make things better is laughable. That will go straight down the tubes and cause panic in the rest of the country. No more shipments of food, no more gas, no more shipments from other allies. Instead of trying to bring peace by giving Ukraine everything they haven’t got, it’s best to pull the plug. That way you don’t lose anything in all likelihood. This is the most important thing here. Don’t let yourself become the next Germany, France, Canada, Britain, the European Union, Japan, Australia, and so many others. Be the leader of the free world. Stand up for what you believe. Even if it puts you at risk, you have a personal interest in defending this beautiful planet. Showing the whole world that you care by showing how great of an ally Putin truly is is essential to restoring sanity once again. Otherwise, we’ll keep having military strikes launched every day, thousands of American casualties on both sides, and people dying just waiting for Putin to start another major campaign. Which is how it’s supposed to be!








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