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The majority of our audience is made up of people and teams from various organisational areas that are searching for advice, best practises, and guidelines on how to interact and work visually. We will only accept content that fits into one of the following categories because we want to create a credible library of knowledge and insights that they can use to enhance and streamline their operations.

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We would like to remind you that we will not pay for your articles. Contact us and send us your writing for publication we believe you can produce outstanding articles for us.

Submission Guidelines

1. Your submission must be 500+ words to provide our visitors with something useful.

2. Your submission must be sent as a Word document (rather than a PDF). Other formats cannot be accepted.

3. Papers are accepted for publication on the condition that they have not already been published, in whole or in part, elsewhere.

4. To be published, a submission must adhere to high standards. Editors reserve the right to reject submissions and make a few minor changes to your content.

5. Plagiarism won’t be allowed. All submissions will be reviewed. Any published articles that are discovered to claim ownership of someone else’s words or concepts will be removed.

6. Once your submission is published on our website, it cannot be published elsewhere, even on your own site.

7. Please provide your complete name, the submission’s title, a brief biography, and a photo.

8. Every month, we receive 50 to 100 submissions. As a result, refrain from emailing publishers to inquire about the status of your piece. You’ll hear from us if your article has been chosen.