Pak Study Past Paper MCQs

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  1. Name the founder of the All India Muslim League? Sir Nawab Saleem Ullah Khan
  2. The first country recognized Pakistan after independence was ?Iran
  3. The longest serving Chief Justice of Pakistan was? Justice A.R. Cornelius
  4. The first Dry Port in Pakistan was established in 1974 at? Lahore
  5. The oldest news agency of Pakistan is: ? Associated Press of Pakistan (APP)
  6. Who was the father of Shah Abdul Aziz? Shah Waliullah. What is the total area of Islamabad? 906 Sq.Km
  7. Who first translated the Holy Quran into Persian? Shah Waliullah.
  8. Who first translated the Holy Quran into Urdu? Shah Abul Qadir.
  9. Name the founder of the Aligarh Movement? Sir Syed Ahmed Khan
  10. Name of the books written by Shah Waliullah? Hajjat-ul-Baligha, Fyuz-iHarmain Sharifan
  11. In which year did Jinnah join the Muslim League? In 1913 ( request of M.Ali Johar)
  12. In which year Jinnah left the Congress? In 1920 ( left imperial legislative 1919)
  13. Who was the Muslim League leader who opposed Jinnah’s decision to boycott the Simon Commission of 1927? Sir Shafi.
  14. For what period of time is the National Assembly elected? For five years.
  15. What is the period of time for the election of the Senate? 6 years.
  16. What is the present literacy rate in Pakistan? 57 percent.
  17. Which university in Pakistan was founded before independence? The Punjab University (oldest)
  18. Name a famous Sufi poet of Sindh. Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai.
  19. In which year was the second Islamic Summit held? 1974 ( Lahore)
  20. Name the treaty signed by India and Pakistan after the 1965 war? Tashkent Treaty (10 jan. 1966)