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1. When she was in the university, she __ wake up early in the morning.

A. should
B. would
C. will
D. would have

2. He devotes much of his time __ for the future.

A. to planning
B. to plan
C. plan
D. planning

3. She took lessons __ how to swim.

A. learn
B. for learning
C. to learn
D. learning

4. The class teacher __ Anna move to another chair.

A. allows
B. allowed
C. let
D. permitted

5. Synonym of ‘saturnine’ is __?

A: gloomy
B: planetary
C: hopeful
D: astronomic
E: temperate
Correct Answer: A: gloomy

6. Synonyms of ‘Catastrophe’ is __?

A: Implement
B: Built
C: Fresh
D: Destruction

7. Antonym of ‘DEXTEROUS’ is __?

A: Acute
B: Inexpert
C: Able
D: Active


A: Silk : Cloth
B: Body : Weigh
C: Ornaments : Gold
D: Wood : Grains

9. Synonym of ‘abandon’ is _?

A: Abstract
B: Leave
C: None of these
D: Abduct

10. Synonym of ‘accessible’?

A: Susceptible
B: Available
C: All of these
D: Unrestricted

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