Geography of Pakistan NTS MCQs

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  1. Total area of Pakistan is 769,096 sq km, and the total area of Azad Kashmir is 13,297 km.
  2. Pakistan lies between 61E to 75.5 E longitrade and 24N to 37N Latitudes.
  3. The standard time of Pakistan is five hours ahead of Green which Mean time.
  4. The tropic of Cancer (23N 30N) does and allow the sun rays to become very, therefore Pakistan records high temperature in summer and the winter are not very severe.
  5. Pakistan is surrounded by land on three sickles east, west and North and Arabian Sea is on its South and makes 1046 km (650 miles) coast line.
  6. Pakistan‘s territory sea limit is 12 nm; the Exclusive meantime economic zone of Pakistan is 240 nm.
  7. Out of the total area of Pakistan 1% is levered by Islamabad (906 sq km).
  8. Out of total area of Pakistan, FATA covers 3% I, e. 27,220 sq km. ➢ 58% area of Pakistan is covered by Mountains and plateaus and 42% by plains and detests.
  9. Pakistan is Land locked from three sides. It has following immediate neighbors.
  10. East India, 1610 km (1000 miles) border. Radchiff live and Run off Kuchh are two boundary lines between India and Pakistan. Run off kuchh is also called 24th parallel line, it was signed in 1968. Two railway lines connect Pakistan with India. One through Wagah near Lahore connects Atari near Amritsar. Other exists between khokrapar (Sindh) and Munabao (India) in 1949 leare-fire line came into existence, but line of control (720 km) was demarcated in 1972 (simla agreement).
  11. China lies in the North of Pakistan. Karakoram and Himalayas are two snow capped mountain Ranges which make a border between the two countries.Boundary agreement between china and Pakistan was ringed in 1963. The border between Pakistan and china is 585 km.
  12. Afghanistan is located of the North Western border of Pakistan. Pakistan had a longest border with Afghanistan which is 2252 km. It is called Durand line. It was established in 1893 by an agreement between Afghanistan British Rulers. There are two important Roads that link Afghanistan with Pakistan. One links Peshawar with Kabul Via the famous Khyber Pass. Another links Quetta to Kandhar via the Khojak Pass.
  13. Iran lies to the South west of Pakistan. There is 805 km long direct border between Pakistan and Iran.The boundary line demarcated in 1960. There is a railway link between
  14. Pakistan and Iran. Koh-i-Taftan is border railway station in Pakistan and Zahedan in Iran.
  15. Another road links sowthern Balochistan through turbot and Mand with Iran.
  16. Wakkan, a narrow strip of Afghanistan separates Pakistan from Tajikistan one of the Land locked central Asian states.
  17. The Strait of Hormuz is close to Pakistan. Pakistan port Gawadar is very strategically located. It can effectively guard the Strait of Hormuz which is a major route for oil and other traffic of the Gulf area.
  18. Baluchistan is the largest province according to area and least populous province of Pakistan. It covers 44% total area of Pakistan. It has common borders with Iran and Afghanistan. It shares its border with the remaining three provinces and the Arabian Sea also.
  19. Punjab is the second largest province according to area and first largest in population. It covers 25.8% area of the total area of Pakistan. In the east, it has a common border with India and internally Sindh lies to its south, KPK to the west and Jammu and Kashmir to the North.
  20. Sindh is the third largest province according to area and second largest in population. It covers 17.7% of the total area of Pakistan. It has common border with India, Punjab, Balochistan and the Arabian Sea.

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