CSS Battles of Islam Notes

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Battles of Islam

  1. First Ghazwa is Widdan or Abwa in1 A.H
  2. 624 Battle of Badr. 2hij
  3. 625 Battle of Uhad.3hij
  4. 626 Battle of Rajih.4hij
  5. 627 Battle of Khandaq (Ahzab).5hij
  6. 628, Treaty of Hudaibiya, Hazrat Khalid bin Walid Accepted Islam,6hij
  7. 629, Battle of Mutah, Preaching of Islam to various kings.7hij
  8. 630, Battle of Hunain, Conquest of Makkah.8hij
  9. 631, Battle of Tabuk.9hij
  10. 632, Hajjat-ul-Wida.10hij
  11. 680, Tragedy of Karballah.61hij
  12. Badr is a village.
  13. Battle of Bard was fought on 17th Ramzan.
  14. Battle of Uhd was fought on 5th Shawal.
  15. Battle Badar Ghazwa is named as Furqan.
  16. Uhd is a hill.
  17. Yom-ul Furaqn is called to Yom ul Badar.
  18. Fath Mobeen is called to Sulah Hudaibiah.
  19. Number of soldiers in Badar, Muslim 313 Kufar 1000
  20. After Badr conquest, Prophet stayed for 3 days there.
  21. Badr was fought for 3 times.
  22. Martyr of Badr Muslims 14 Kufar 70
  23. Leader of the Kufar in this battle was Abu Jahl.
  24. Number of Muslim martyrs in the battle of Uhad 70
  25. In Uhad quraish were laid by Abu Sufwan.
  26. In Uhad number of Muslim soldiers 1000 kufar 3000.
  27. Ahzab means Allies.
  28. Must Share with Friends IER MTE 2011-13
  29. Ditch dug on border of Syria with help of 3000 companions in 2 weeks.
  30. Muslim strength 1600.