Suffixes A to Z

Understanding Suffixes

Suffix: A suffix is a word part added at the end of a base word to change its meaning or function. Understanding suffixes can help you interpret and build words more effectively.

How to Solve Suffix Questions: When encountering a word with a suffix in a question, follow these steps:

  1. Identify the Suffix: Recognize the suffix in the word.
  2. Understand the Meaning: Know the meanings associated with common suffixes.
  3. Analyze the Word: Break down the word into its base and suffix to understand its structure.
  4. Consider the Context: Think about how the word fits in the sentence or passage to infer its meaning.
  5. Practice: Improve your suffix skills through exercises and reading comprehension.

Common Suffixes

-acyState or qualitydemocracy
-alRelating tocultural
-anceState or qualityresistance
-antA person whoassistant
-ateTo make or becomeactivate
-edPast tense or past participlewalked
-enMade of or to becomewooden
-erA person whoteacher
-fulFull ofjoyful
-icRelating toscientific
-ingPresent participlerunning
-ionState or qualitycelebration
-ishRelating tochildish
-ityState or qualitycreativity
-izeTo make or becomerealize
-mentAction or processmovement
-nessState or qualitykindness
-ousFull ofdangerous
-shipPosition or stateleadership
-tionState or qualityeducation
-ureResult or processadventure
-yCharacterized byrainy
-lyIn the manner ofquickly
-wardIn the direction ofeastward
-wiseIn relation toclockwise

Conclusion: Understanding suffixes is a valuable skill that can aid in vocabulary comprehension and language proficiency. Whether for exams or daily communication, a grasp of suffixes enhances your ability to decipher and utilize words effectively.

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