CSS Every Day & General Science MCQs

  1. Blood in human body 7 – 8 liters
  2. Breathing of a normal man 18 times in a minute
  3. chromosomes in the human body 46
  4. Densest planet Earth
  5. First acid to be discovered Acetic Acid
  6. First Aero plane Flight Wilber Wright and Orwell Wright (USA) on 17th Dec 1903
  7. First aero plane flight across the English Channel Louis Bleriot
  8. First airplane flight over the North Pole 9th May 1926 (Floyd Bennett and RichardE. Byrd)
  9. First Alloy Bronze
  10. First analogue computer Lord Kelvin
  11. First Antibiotic Penicillin (1941) discovered by Alexander Fleming
  12. First Atom Bomb J. Robert Oppenheimer
  13. First Atomic Bomb use 6th August 1945 on Hiroshima (Japan)
  14. First British woman physician Elizabeth Garrett Anderson
  15. First Chinese astronaut in space Col. Yang Liwei (15 Oct 2003)
  16. First clone of human beings 27th Dec. 2002
  17. First computer programmer Augusta Ada First Digital computer 1946
  18. First draft of DNA Francis Crick and James Watson (1953)
  19. First draft of the human genome sequence February 2001
  20. First drawings of cells Robert Hooke (In his “Micrographic”)
  21. First environment pact 10th June 2002 in Kuala Lumpur (ASEAN countries signed it)
  22. First flight around the world 16th April 1924
  23. First Flight of Space Shuttle 4th December,
  24. 1981 manned by John Young and Robert Crippen
  25. First fruit tree Date-palm
  26. First general-purpose orbiting observatory Hubble Space Telescope (Launched on April 24, 1990, named after US astronomer Edwin P. Hubble)
  27. First Heart Transplant *** Dr. Christian Neethling Barnard (South Africa) Dec. 3, 1967
  28. First Hydrogen bomb test (USA) Nov 1952 at Eniwetok Atoll in the Pacific
  29. First liver transplant recipient Lichirou Tsuruyama of Japan (July 1889)
  30. First lunar probe Luna 1, (Launched by USSR on 2nd Jan 1959)
  31. First man to walk in space Alexei Leonov (Russian Astronaut in 1965)
  32. First man to walk on the moon Neil Alden Armstrong USA on 21st July 1969
  33. First man-made object to leave the solar system Pioneer 10
  34. First modern woman doctor Elizabeth Blackwell
  35. First non-stop balloon journey around the world Brian Jones and Bertrand Piccard (1999)
  36. First non-stop solo flight across Atlantic Ocean Charles Augustus Lindbergh (USA)
  37. First Nuclear test Alamogordo desert (New Mexico in USA) (July 16, 1945 before dawn)
  38. First person in space Yuri Gagarin (USSR) on 12th April 1961, when he orbited the Earth aboard the Vostok 1 spacecraft
  39. First person to fly in a balloon Dr. Pilatre de Rozier
  40. First person to walk on the moon Neil Armstrong (USA) on 21st July 1969